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I have always been a very artistic person. In 2006 an online friend sent me some clear stamps and I was immediately hooked. I started making hand stamped cards after that.

A year later I started my shop. At the time I was still primarily making cards but as time went on I discovered a love for making 3-D projects like boxes, bags and party decor even more.

The party decor had become my main focus and my daughter started working with me which allowed me to expand and include matching outfits and accessories too. She eventually went on to start her own esthetician business so I make those things now too. 

The thing that inspires me the most are bright colors and patterns and I am always thinking outside the box. Nothing I make is simple. Each item I make is a quality piece of art made by hand and not something you would ever find in a store. The things I make are to be treasured for a lifetime.